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Gossip Girl reboot is already in the works! It’s the right time to go through all the surprising plot holes of the teen drama! How did Serena never face any consequences from all the crazy things she did? Who exactly is Chuck Bass’ mother? Why Gossip Girl’s identity is not actually plausible? And what do we know about the new Gossip Girl?
Everybody on Gossip Girl did horrible things to each other. How did Blair and Serena remain friends? And Blair’s royalty status is the least plausible storyline of Gossip Girl series. But the biggest plot hole on Gossip Girl is not even the Gossip Girl identity but Chuck’s mother’s strange story. Those are Gossip Girl Mistakes.
It seems like Dan Humphrey is not only a Gossip Girl, but a sociopath as well (which reminds us of the other character Penn Badgley played). It’s just a massive plot hole that makes no sense at all! Let’s hope that Gossip Girl’s reboot will eliminate all the inconsistencies!

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