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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially left their royal duties and are building their new life in California. So what’s been going on for the Sussexes since Megxit announcement?

Harry and Meghan didn’t plan to leave Canada so soon, but they had to move to LA due to COVID-19. They are reportedly settling down in Malibu and volunteering in the neighbourhood.

Still, the couple is criticized for their decision about permanent residence in LA, as they will hardly get away from the paparazzi pressure.

Megxit will be re-examined in 12 months, and it gives the royal observers another reason for speculation. And of course, the question about their private security funding is also under radar.

Since Harry and Meghan can no longer use “royal” part of their identification, they had to make a rebranding of their communication platforms.
On April 6th, the couple announced the name of their new non-profit organization – Archewell. The new platform will include numerous initiatives: from charitable services to media education.

After Meghan’s recent voice acting for Disney, many believe that she will return to acting soon. But the most probable direction for the ex-royal will be working on the documentaries.
Another expected activities for Meghan is the revival of her lifestyle blog The Tig, as well as writing a new cookbook or even getting her own cooking show.
As for Prince Harry, he will most likely continue his public speaking and charity engagements.

In terms of the family focus, the royal fans are anticipating the news about Harry and Meghan’s second baby. And while the Sussexes are working on the new sources of income, pregnancy #2 is unlikely to be in the news very soon.

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