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Rodial make-up tutorial on how to create a stunning evening contour for a Red Carpet ready look.

All products used can be found here:-

Steps for the Red Carpet ready look:-

1. Apply the Deluxe Contouring Powder beneath the cheekbones to create shadow and definition using the Sculpting Brush.
Tip: Suck in the cheeks to find your cheekbone and apply to area underneath

2. Apply the Contour Powder on the jawline to sharpen and define the shape of the face and to the temple to narrow forehead.

3. Using the Eye Sculpt Brush, sweep the Deluxe Illuminating Powder across the cheekbones to further enhance them and lift

4. Apply the Contour Powder down either side of your nose using the Eye Sculpt Brush to narrow and lengthen the nose. Apply to tip to shorten

5. Create warmth and accentuate the contour with the Bronzing Powder. Sweep the Bronzer along the temples and cheekbones using the Powder Brush.

6. Define the eyes using the Smokey Eye Pen (Available in black and brown – use black for more intensity). Apply the pen close to the lashline and use the Eye Smudge Brush to blend into the lashline to create the perfect smokey look

7. Apply the Glamolash XXL Mascara to add drama to the lashes

8. Apply the Magic Pen Eye Glow to the inner corner of eye, brow and cheekbones to emphasise, highlight and add dewiness to skin