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We all love ripped jeans, don’t we? They are all over the place, and we can’t get enough of them. #Frayedjeans and RippedJeans were one of those fashion fads meant only for the runway or celebrities perhaps. They went back and forth in the 90s and suddenly resurfaced a few years ago. Ripped Jeans are priced a little higher than other denim but, doesn’t it feel heavy to pay that much for something you can do yourself?

Making your DIY ripped jeans, is not at all that difficult after all. So in this new episode, our anchors Deepali and Divyanshi, along with fashion Youtuber Aanchal, are here to share some crazy #DIY ideas to make your own trendy and unique ripped jeans. By the end of this video, you can make two high-end trendy ripped jeans. Not just this, but our anchors Deepali and Divyanshi also have a surprise for you guys in this video.

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Our Anchors:
Deepali Choudhary: Deepali Choudhary is a Delhi girl who is an influencer. Being a Delhite Deepali Choudhary is a smart street shopper with a good celebrity fashion sense.
Divyanshi Tripathi: Divyanshi Tripathi is a girl from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Divyanshi Tripathi is a fashion influencer as well as stylish.

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More about Aanchal
Aanchal is an Indian fashion blogger and YouTuber. Aanchal is a software engineer who loves creating videos on outfit ideas, fashion tips, and hauls. You can watch many fashion hack videos as well on her channel. To know more about Aanchal follow her on other social media platforms as well

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Take your regular jeans and add a few rips, shreds, scrapes, frays and fades to it. You have yourself a DIY ripped jeans. Jeans, shorts, jackets and you name it—they are all ripped! Yes, we are a generation that pays for stuff like this. So don’t get into this loop. Take this DIY ripped jeans project.

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