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Meghan is now trying to take a TRANSITION career fields. Since flunking out of Hollywood as an actress she is now trying to join the Political world. In order to do so she has to join a movement and start making noise. She has chosen to join up with BLM.
Harry’s communication with his family was a threat to this latest endeavor of hers and she had to find a way to stop it in it’s tracks. Part of her speech that she felt the need to make ,she pointed out that saying nothing would be the wrong thing to say! She knew she had no other way to provoke a fight with the brf so she used BLM movement as a weapon Against the RF by posting a question on her IG. That didn’t get enough fire so she has whipped out plan B – having Harry step out with his own political Opinions regarding an anthem that he has never found harm in up until now, as it fits her narrative.
They are just acting horribly and for this reason I wish the brf would drop them like a bad habit and forget they ever were!
They feel the brf is a bad look for them but I think they are the bad look for the brf!

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