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I’m not even sorry. it’s the only thing that’s got me out of my vidding pit of despair. Oh, and a huge thank you to Dora who helped me with casting!

Come on, indulge me… Who do you ship with who?

premise ;

Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl, ‘The Scandal Society’ follows the lives, loves and lusts of wealthy families in Georgian London, made all-the-more fascinating by the weekly gossip publication ‘The Socialite’. Their every move, good or bad, is watched, in a city where everyone knows everything.

cast ;

↣ Rosaline (Rose) Featherstowe [Jenna Coleman]: A wealthy heiress who loses everything and is desperate to get it back.
↣ James Dearing [Theo James]: A jaded youngest son of a lord who wants everything he can’t have: to be respected and important.
↣ Edward Dearing: [Matthew Goode]: A cunning eldest son of a lord who enjoys power and money. He’s after a wealthy heiress to cement his stamp on the world.
↣ Hugh Dearing [James Norton]: A lonely, intelligent middle son who has been forced into a career in politics.
↣ Elizabeth (Lizzie) Dearing [Eleanor Tomlinson]: youngest child of a lord, adores her brothers. Expected to make an advantageous match but she has plans of her own.
↣ Isabella Penhaglion [Gabriella Wilde]: Eldest daughter of a viscount, sensible, intelligent and a voice of reason; cousin to Rose.
↣ Lucy Penhaglion [Morven Christie]: A mild-mannered middle daughter who prefers the company of books to anything else.
↣ Penelope Penhaglion [Ellie Bamber]: A free-spirited youngest daughter who has no wish to marry at all.
↣ Sophia Beresford [Charlotte Spencer]: A socialite who disappeared for 2 years, and suddenly reappears, prompting much speculation about what’s happened to her.
↣ Jasper Hamilton [Tom Bateman]: A perfect on paper up-and-coming solider/gentleman who hides a dark secret.
↣ Percy Hamilton [Tom Riley]: Impetuous, daring younger brother of Jasper.
↣ Cecily Hamilton [Elise Chappell]: A gentle soul who hates London and what it brings out in her friends and family.
↣ Henry (Harry) Nightingale [Tom Mison]: A shy, unassuming young man who suddenly inherits his father’s title overnight and has no idea what to do with it. Best friend of James.
↣ Noah Molyneux [Tom Sturridge]: A poet who can’t find his muse; another friend of James.
↣ William (Will) Cromwell [Callum Turner]: A roguish gambler with a wandering eye
↣ Anthony Abercrombie: [JJ Field] A young professor who finds his eye straying from his own, disastrous arranged marriage; friend of Hugh.
↣ Simon Fox [Ben Hardy]: A medical student yearning for a quiet life.

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program ; fcp
song ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKd4diJRkPo

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