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The most expensive celebrity beauty tips and secrets revealed!
When you’re worth millions of dollars, why not shell out the big bucks so you can look your best? That must be the motto these ten stars go by, because when it comes to their beauty routines, they spend a lot, and I mean A LOT to look good. It’s not hard to see how regular maintenance adds up. Haircuts, moisturizers, makeup and waxes are all things that cost money, and many of us spend more than we like to admit on our beauty routines. But rest assured because it’s mere pennies compared to what these celebs cough up.

For the element of surprise, I won’t use any names in the description, but one of these divas spends $800 a day on a tanner – not a trainer, a tanner who contours her legs and abs to make it look as though she’s been spending time at the gym. That’s one way to get the body of your dreams I guess. Another spent $75,000 on an at-home cellulite remover and another spends up to $1,000 a week on placenta face treatments. Add to the mix a $2,250 microdermabrasion and a $1,500 vampire facial and it’s not hard to see why these celeb beauty routines are the craziest ones out there.

Prepare for your jaw to drop as you check out the excessive lengths these celebrities go to to look the way they do. They definitely look good, we’ll give them that, so at least it’s not money wasted. Today’s video reveals the most extremely expensive celebrity beauty routines…ever.

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