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Actress Trisha, Kushbhu, Oviya’s Styling Tips By Celebrity Jewellery Designer Raji Anand
Would you like to hear the style break down of actress Trisha, Kushbu, Oviya, Gayathrie to Kiki, Ramya and more?
Then watch this video!!!
Raji Anand is the Kollywood’s favourite when it comes to statement jewellery. Starting from top most heroines, models, entrepreneur anyone who desires to own a style will blindly knock on Raji’s doors.
Here is the celebrity stylist who has tons of experience that she gathered over the years working with top-notch fashionistas, sharing with Ca-Shians on what to wear with what!!!
The Raji Anand uses the established forte of traditional Indian aesthetics to create a new and sophisticated design language.
The statement pieces of her jewellery have roots in India but appeal to a modern, global taste.
Her distinct line of jewellery fuses old-world aesthetics with new world fashion,
resulting in unique, wearable works of art. Her reconstructed jewellery line is completely inspired by South Indian Temple influences, which are contemporized with fun additions of thread and texture. These statement jewellery pieces are loved by celebrities and the fashion conscious.
Her exciting product line ranges from Earrings to Embellished Hairbands and Statement Neckpieces.
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