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I love this woman so much. You have no idea! When I was a teenager and even as an adult I suffered from acne.  It was horrible.  There were days I wouldn’t leave my house because I was so embarrassed by it.  Five years ago I met Shani Darden and I can honestly say my life changed.  Shani is celebrity facialist to people like Jessica Alba, Shay Mitchell, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  She has become a leading beauty expert.  In today’s episode, we discuss how Shani has become the best-kept secret to Hollywood’s most flawless faces.  She shares all her beauty secrets, ranging from her favorite products, benefits to retinol, foods to eat to achieve a clear complexion, how she feels about injectables and SO much more!

Go check out here website: and her social media @shanidarden to get all your beauty tips and tricks!

1:30 how Shani got started

7:30 if you could only have 3 products what would they be

9:00 2 essential pieces of equipment

10:00 do jade rollers work

10:30 best anti aging secret

11:05 Shani’s retinol and texture reform

12:30 retinol vs exfoliation

13:12 how to treat redness/pigmentation

13:40 importance of gentle cleaners

15:28 most important foods for hydration and good skin

16:21 supplements

16:45 micro current vs laser vs threading

17:55 injections?

18:40 skin types and one product that uses on all skin types

19:11 hyaluronic acid- Is Clinical

19:43 facial massaging

20:04 favorite remedy for eye face

20:30 natural products do they work

21:30 your technique different than others


Micro Current NuFace
Light Stem
Déesee Mask
Retinol & Texture Reform- Shani Darden’s
Dr Dennis Gross pads
micellar water- makeup remover?
cleansing device- Nion-
skin supplement – Lumity 7 omega
NeuHouse- eye remedy

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