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Heath Ledger is dead, maybe he’s also GAY, why do you care?
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Heath ledger, the man who’s playing the Joker in the new Batman movie was found dead today, surrounded – apparently – by sleeping pills, why do YOU need to know that? only his friends and family NEED to know detail beyond “he died”.
Yes it sucks that Heath Ledger is dead, yes I’m disappointed I won’t get to see Heath Ledger in any more movies, he was a pretty good actor, and yes I feel sorry for Heath Ledger’s family, who will no doubt miss him terribly.
But in the big scheme of things, I DO NOT CARE about Heath Ledger’s private life, INCLUDING how he died, why, and what drove him to apparently commit suicide.

Celebrity gossip is a cancer of the mind, do NOT concern yourself with it, if you care about these people at all, just concern yourself with their WORK, NOT their personal lives… that’s why we call them PERSONAL LIVES.